Dads At Camp

dads & sons.jpg

I have joint custody of my daughter, so it’s important for me to have fun things to do when she’s on my watch. When Mary-jane invited us to her special family camp weekend, my daughter, her best friend and I, headed out for a great time. We did some activities together (I remember a hilarious kickball game) and we also split up for a lot of the weekend. The girls went off and did their own thing with the other kids and I had a great time meeting and hanging with other adults. I will never forget the excitement on my daughter’s face when she ran up to me to tell me that she had just zip lined for the first time. It was priceless.

At night we all came together for group activities like bonfires, volleyball games, night hikes and we even square danced! The added bonus was getting some extended adult time after the kids went to sleep.

We really had a great time and I loved meeting other single dads and moms in the same situation as me. I highly recommend this camp!

Ken M.

Mary-jane April