At CAMP MAX, we fill your schedule with all of the activities you want to do. A typical day has six activity periods with parents and kids on separate schedules, except when they choose to do an activity together. We also sprinkle in blocks of free time & special offerings throughout the day.  

In the evening, everyone comes together for group events such as scavenger hunts, campfires, mini-olympics, game shows, dance parties and other fun games. 

Sample Schedule


climbing wall.jpg

8:30am     Breakfast 

9:00am Free time

9:30am Horseback Riding, Zipline & Waterslide

10:30am Archery, Basketball, Gaga, Arts & Crafts

11:30am Mountain Biking, Go-Karting (kids & parents together)


12:15pm Free time

12:45pm Lunch 

1:45pm Swimming/Pool Games 

2:45pm Horseback Riding, Ropes Courses 

3:45pm Baseball, Hockey, Kickball, Gaga (Kids & parents together)

4:45 pm Free time

6:00 pm     Dinner 

7:00 pm     Scavenger Hunt & Mini-Olympics

8:15 pm     Campfire with S’mores & guitars

9:30 pm     Kids to bed, except for Teen Club

9:45 pm     Parents invited for after hours