Mary-jane's Story

As a single mom with a young child, I wanted to create a family camp where singles can hang with singles and kids can hang with kids.  That’s Camp Max.

I see the struggle that my divorced friends often face when trying to balance the challenges that come with being a single parent and the desire to socialize with people with common interests. That’s why I created camp Max.

I grew up at summer camp and it shaped my life.  In the sixteen summers I was lucky enough to attend, I went from being an enthusiastic camper, enjoying all the fun, to the rock star counselor creating the fun and magic for everyone.  We all thrived in that nurturing environment and learned to be confident and independent.  So many of the professional skills and life skills that I rely on today, I developed at camp.

My life has always been about bringing people together, so Camp Max made perfect sense to me:  Create a family camp for single parents and their kids.  Together and apart, parents and kids.  At camp.  It’s the perfect combination. 

I know we can’t pack an entire summer into one weekend, but I can assure you, that if you join us at Camp Max, you will create lasting memories and you will leave wanting more.  Max and I can't wait to meet you!